Completed Projects

Leak Detection

ADWEA - Remote monitoring leak detection system installed in Al Ain for ADDC
The largest remote leak detection system in the world was delivered to ADWEA consisting of 10,000 Zonescan 820 correlating leak loggers. Hundreds of leaks have been found which would otherwise have gone un-noticed and the project is a great success.

DEWA -  Zonescan 820 Loggers, Aquascan 610 Correlators and Aquascope 3 Ground microphones are used to great effect in Dubai with DEWA. Blue Gold Technology supplied the equipment and necessary training to provide DEWA with world class leak detection capabilities. 

KSA - Zonescan leak detection system. The Zonescan Net remote leak detection system was installed with a confidential client in KSA. This prestigious client was very happy with the speed of installation and the results from trials of leak detection on his network.

Leak detection for pipe laying companies Oman and Qatar


Water Meters

Sensus Bulk Water Meter contract for PAEW Oman
Numerous water meter sales to companies across the GCC
405S water meters for Dubai Investment Park
WPD Water Meters for the Altantis Hotel Dubai


Data Loggers

Pressure and Flow data loggers for the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


Water Quality Testing

Pooltest 6 and Pooltest 25 for many major hotels in UAE
Rapid Legionella test kits for DEWA
Rapid Legionella test kits for major hotels in Dubai
Photometers for leading water bottling companies in Dubai